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Maximize each order with responsive real-time AI bundle recommendations, custom-tailored for your store.
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Crossing Minds is leading the future of recommendation and personalization through best-in-class AI that will ultimately enable Shopify merchants to build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Fjolla Bakalli,
Manager of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives
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Boost your revenue across every customer touchpoint

Personalized, real-time product recommendations

Help customers discover more with
“Related Products” suggestions

Bundle and cross-sell with
“Frequently Bought Together” suggestions

Use personalized recommendations and special offers in marketing email

Intelligent 1:1 bundle
recommendations, even for new customers

For new customers without any purchase history, most bundle apps will provide subpar suggestions.

Crossing Minds understands each user's behavior to provide 1:1 bundle recommendations for each customer, even if they're never made a purchase before.
User liking shoes via web and  receiving recommendations thanks to behavior-based recommendations"
User liking shoes via mobile and securely receiving recommendations thanks to behavior-based recommendations"

Responsive Accuracy with Behavior-Based Recommendations

The Crossing Minds app uses behavior-based recommendations to determine which products should be included in a bundle.

By understanding each user's onsite behavior, the app automatically shows the products each customer is statistically most likely to purchase.

Your store is unique.
We’ll optimize for your needs.

Our Implementation Team will support you 110% of the way. Every Shopify store is unique, which is why our Implementation Team of engineers and Machine Learning experts will optimize the app for your specific needs. Even after you launch, we do constant A/B tests to make sure everything is fine tuned to reach your goals.
An e-commerce team makes business rules using the Crossing Minds recommendation platform.
Officially backed by
Crossing Minds is the only AI recommender system backed by Shopify.

The smartest, most flexible recommendation platform for Shopify

Get an overview of Crossing Minds and its features.
Find out how to take your omnichannel personalization to the next level.
30-day free trial to A/B test and customize the smartest recommendations for your unique scenario.
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Officially backed by
Crossing Minds is the only AI recommender system backed by Shopify.
trusted by brands like

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