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“Crossing Minds is leading the future of recommendation and personalization through best-in-class AI that will ultimately enable Shopify merchants to build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Fjolla Bakalli,
Manager of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives

As a storefront with a lot of product SKUs, we knew that more effective personalization was going to help us leaps and bounds in promoting sales. Crossing Minds really took a bespoke approach to helping us achieve this for our customers, taking into account the intricacies of our website backend. By deploying the most relevant product recommendations both on-site and via our Sendlane email campaigns, we saw a 3x improvement in conversions using the Crossing Minds platform.

Kevin Stecko
President and Founder,

They’ve injected personalization throughout the online shopping flow, providing an increase to conversion and a more efficient, pleasant shopping experience for our users.

Rose Seyfried
Senior Product Manager

Crossing Minds is an extremely powerful tool to have in your arsenal. It has been a joy working with their data-obsessed team to provide recommendations and content that's hyper-relevant to our customers.

Rose Seyfried
Senior Product Manager

We have a very large catalog of items that is constantly being updated, and we want to ensure we are providing the best experience to customers. Crossing Minds’ approach to personalization was able to achieve this goal and more, all because they took the time to learn about the unique issues we face as a business. By using the platform to take the intricacies of our users’ behavior into consideration, as well as being able to recommend items they’ll obsess over faster, we’ve seen incredible gains in conversions and sales.

Jarod Trebas
COO, HobbyLink Japan

In regards to email marketing, CrossingMinds have helped us to grow toward a highly personalized email strategy. The team is excellent and always there to discuss ideas and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. By providing personalized recommendations within our email campaigns, we have seen a significant increase in engagement metrics and a decent uplift in conversion rates.

Will Hepburn
CRM Manager, Bonhams

They provide excellent service and support throughout the integration, setup, and even after launch to make sure our recommendations are of the highest quality. Crossing Minds enable us to use our data in new ways to surface great content recommendations to our end users.

Eli Chamberlin
Head of Product & Design, Reelgood

We strive to put the right event in front of the right consumer at the right time. We receive better engagement when consumers see highly relevant events; which is why our team continuously looks for ways to improve personalization. After using Crossing Minds to generate recommendations in our weekly newsletter, our email open- to-order rate significantly increased.

Allen Jilo
Senior Product Manager, Eventbrite

A big difference between Crossing Minds and other SaaS products we’ve used is that we feel like we’re getting a truly personal service tailored to our unique needs. They were able to slot in and provide machine learning expertise, working closely with our in-house developers. Now, our customer experience has personalization built in everywhere. It really feels like a solution that can grow with us.

Humfrey Brandes
Head of Product, Bonhams

As a peer-to-peer marketplace, we needed to surface new and relevant items to our customers as quickly as possible. Crossing Minds recommended products the moment they were submitted, which is crucial for buyers to find relevant products. We’re impressed by how the platform made accurate and relevant recommendations, even for products with user-generated content. The impact on conversions and customer engagement was undeniable.

Joe Amodei
Director of Retention, Grailed

Previously, our team had to focus on both strategy and execution – how are we going to get this done? Now, we can solely think about strategy and the Crossing Minds team handles the integration aspects. With Crossing Minds, we’re able to work at double the speed.”

Tyler Handley
Cofounder & CEO, Inkbox