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Crossing Minds Art Design.
Crossing Minds Art Design.
The smartest recommendation platform for your business.
Impact your KPIs
Increase your sales
Drive engagement
Impact your KPIs

with Crossing Minds.


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Crossing Minds Results Recommendations engines increasing sales and engagement

We’re in the business of creating ‘a-ha’ moments.

We know the right recommendations can create a magical customer journey and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Our next-gen AI lets you instantly anticipate your customers’ wants and needs using only anonymized user data.
Now your customers can stop searching - and start finding. 


Not just an engine. A complete recommendation platform.

Recommendations need to keep pace with your changing and growing business.

Our recommendation platform is built on a proprietary AI algorithm and a next-gen API we designed to work together so any of part of your business can easily integrate into our platform and start generating the best recommendations possible.

Using our platform means product and business teams can quickly update catalogs and inventories to stay current. And, it’s a breeze for your development teams to work with.

Crossing Minds Recommendation Systems
Crossing Minds - GDPR Compliancy and Data Privacy

Privacy is at the heart of what we do.

With our platform, personalization doesn’t have to be invasive and tailored experiences don’t require copious amounts of personal data.

Our advanced algorithm can make smart, accurate recommendations based on on-site actions alone.

This means your consumers can trust that their data is safe, and your business can stay compliant even as consumer privacy laws become more stringent.


Whatever business you’re in, so are we.

Our recommendation platform has modular solutions to meet your customers wherever they interact with your business.

It’s designed to add personal relevance across all your touch-points including product pages, suggestion carousels, email campaigns, and more.

We’re the only platform that can be customized to the unique needs of your business and industry.

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Crossing Minds - recommendations code snippet and API Wrapper description

Easy to integrate.
Fast to deploy.

We've built our API for developer so it can be easily integrated into your business via clients in Python, Java, Ruby, and other languages.

And because we are building a platform beyond the API, we made sure we could integrate with your tech stack, either to ingest data, or deploy recommendations.

Our solution is customizable to your business and scalable as you grow.

Tools for every stack

We offer client and server libraries in everything from Javascript and PHP to .NET and Python.

Pre-built integrations

Use integrations for systems like Shopify, Amazon S3, Iterable, and more.

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