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At Crossing Minds, we believe that artificial intelligence can learn to understand humans the way we understand each other.

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Understanding your consumer like never before.

Crossing Minds is the first and only company in the world to provide a full encoding of consumer’s behavior and taste, without ever putting their privacy at risk.

We are able to build a “digital DNA” for each of your consumer. From the agglomeration of information gathered across your consumers across all touch-points and platforms, we create an anonymous mathematical representation of your users that contains all their tastes and behaviors.

This “digital DNA” gives any company an obvious competitive advantage and can further be leveraged for numerous predictions and analysis such as recommendation engines, churn prediction and predictive lead scoring. 


Crossing Minds Featured Products

Recommendation API

Use our Recommendation API to offer the most personalized recommendation with minimal user data.

Identity graph

Let our dedicated team help you make the most of your data and finally understand fully your consumer journey.


Customize and train your own AI to discover your new favorite thing in minutes. Free, ad-free and completely secure.

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We are very exited to share our newly released Recommendation API, which businesses can utilize to offer their customers the best recommendations possible.

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