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See how a tailored recommendation pipeline can transform your engagement, conversion, and retention metrics.

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A recommendation platform as unique as your business

Your company has unique requirements. We remove barriers by giving you enterprise-ready customization tools, white-glove service, and seamless integrations with your tech stack. Our approach is tailor-made to fuel your next phase of growth.

Crossing Minds Recommendation Systems
Crossing Minds Recommendation Systems

Convert new and anonymous users faster

New, anonymous, and unknown users are a major percentage of your traffic. Within just a couple clicks, you can automatically recommend highly relevant products to every visitor on your site - even if they aren’t in your database.

Leverage customer behaviors, not their personal data

The future is cookie-free. No more invasive practices that exploit personal data. We help you transform your customers’ on-site behavior into a rich profile about their interests, all with the highest standards for customer privacy.

Crossing Minds Recommendation Systems
Impact your KPIs
Increase your sales
Drive engagement
Impact your KPIs

with Crossing Minds.


Average Increase in Sales


Average Increase in CTR


Top Sales Increase


SDKs and Integrations


Top sales increase

"Previously, our team had to focus on both strategy and execution – how are we going to get this done? Now, we can solely think about strategy and the Crossing Minds team handles the integration aspects. With Crossing Minds, we’re able to work at double the speed.”

inbox CrossingMinds success story
Tyler Handley

Cofounder & CEO of Inkbox

inbox CrossingMinds success story
inbox CrossingMinds success story

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