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Start by sharing with us your product catalog and user interaction data, which we anonymize. Our API is designed to integrate with your tech stack.

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Your business and customers are unique. So we tailor and deploy AI recommendation models to positively impact your most important KPIs.

Review Your Recommendations

Before you launch recommendations, make sure they’re working the way you want. Use your dashboard to configure, filter, test, and refine them.

Deploy Across Any Touchpoints

With data pipelines set up and the best recommendation engines ready to deploy, you can delight customers via web, email, or any other touchpoint.

What our customers are saying


The brilliant team at Crossing Minds helps us every day to build and scale the digital customer experience at Danone. They have helped us realize the massive potential data science has to constantly improve the customer experience. They are a great partner who challenges and supports us at every step.

Vlad Sterngold

Global Director Data & Tech Excellence, Danone


"Most recommendation systems are built for the masses – but that doesn’t work for us. No one else has an e-commerce tattoo parlor. Crossing Minds truly partnered with us to adapt and adjust the recommendation platform for our needs. We were blown away by the algorithms, specifically the speed and scale in which they can create effective, quality recommendations."

Tyler Handley

Cofounder & CEO of Inkbox

Laser-Focused on Results

"Crossing Minds' expertise in areas of machine learning was obvious and they helped us squeeze more out of our data; their product sense also helped us improve our interface for data capture. And working with Crossing Minds was far from the typical vendor experience – they're flexible, agile, forthcoming and laser-focused on results."

Justin Boelio

VP Data Science, Penguin random house


Crossing Minds has proven to be invaluable as a partner for leveraging the full potential of our data to drive better consumer experiences and improve business ROI.

Monhir El-Achheb

Data Strategy Lead, Danone SN

What do you need on your side to get the best recommendation?


The only data REQUIRED to train the best recommendation engines for your business is, of course, the interactions the users have with your products. You can, of course, upload those interactions in 2 different way:

Ratings or Explicit Feedbacks: Explicit feedbacks clearly describes on a fixed scale the rating a user gave to an item (like/dislike, star rating, etc.). For more information about how to prepare your file and preprocess them, please read our API documentation!

Direct User Interactions: or what we call "Implicit Feedback." Those are all the interactions you can find, for instance, in your Google Analytics, the clicks, the scroll, the page view, etc. User Interactions represent different interactions a user may have with an item, often hints whether the user likes or not an item.


Naturally, providing information about your consumer (while respecting privacy and security) can help the recommendation engines build your consumers' DNA.

Sending user data is OPTIONAL but can improve the recommendation quality, especially when it comes to cold-start recommendations where your user hasn't interacted with your products yet.


Enriching the information our algorithm can have about your items is strongly recommended, although also optional!

Using rich properties for your items offers two advantages:

1 - It improves the recommendations, especially for both cold-start problems where the algorithm relies only on properties (such as Semantic Graph Embedding from genres and tag, or Deep Content Extraction from text and images)
2 - It enables you to dynamically filter the recommendations on items satisfying certain criteria (such as a price smaller than a threshold given at runtime)

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