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Find resources to build with the flexible Beam platform.

Beam API documentation

Find clear, detailed documentation about the Beam API. Our API is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use, making it easy to scale personalization in your environment
Beam API documents covers all of the necessary information for each business owner needs to know for implementing personalized recommendations.
A shopper is using Beam Studio which is powered by Industry-leading AI technology: "Deep Content Extraction", "Semantic Graph
Embedding", "Deep Collaborative

AI technology fueling recommendations

We use advanced, next-gen machine learning techniques to understand your customer data and provide recommendations models, fully tailored to your business.

Use your preferred API client

We've built our API for developers so it can be easily integrated into your business. We offer client and server libraries in everything from Javascript and PHP to .NET and Python.
Terminal view of how to call Crossing Minds API to get session-based recommendations
Women looking at various integrations that Beam provides.

Seamless integration with your stack

Beam makes it easy to integrate with your existing tech stack. Deploy personalization across every touchpoint by integrating with your CDP, e-commerce platform, and email/SMS tools.

Open source tools

We released some useful and efficient open source tools for general machine learning and optimization, for recommender systems specifically, and some tools for data wrangling. We believe these tools should be for anyone to use; feel free to use this library for any of your machine learning and data manipulation needs.
Beam provides API clients, Beam documentation, Integrations and Open source