Create loyal customers with personalized omnichannel experiences

Visitors leave behind valuable signal even after they navigate away from your site. Use behavioral data to reach them where they are – email, SMS, in-app, in-store, and beyond.

Leverage browsing behavior to customize each customer’s experience

Rapidly analyze a user’s behavior (likes, cart adds, ratings, etc.) to create the most relevant recommendations using Crossing Minds’ proprietary machine learning algorithms, pushed to every channel.
Man liking an item via web, saving another item for later, and 
eventually making a purchase thanks to behavior-based
Man receiving a specialized offer for discounted toys while
his children play with toys

Send personalized offers and discounts at the right moment

Pair valuable behavioral data with holidays or shopping events for a perfect personalization strategy. Announce sales and new product lines, or send loyal customers a specialized deal.

Recover abandoned carts through email & SMS

Reengage previous customers and abandoned carts by providing them great recommendations even after they leave your site – straight to their email or SMS.
Woman receiving a reminder about items in her abandoned
cart via mobile
Man receiving a personalized offer while checking out his book based on his browsing and purchase history

Personalize in-store experiences with online behavioral data

Consumer shopping is increasingly becoming a hybrid affair. Take stock of a customer’s onsite actions to provide them with relevant recommendations and deals in person, too.

Simple integration with your marketing automation stack

Crossing Minds is hassle-free. Our platform adapts to your business needs, and it integrate easily with your marketing and e-commerce software.
Women looking at various integrations that Crossing Minds recommendation platform provides.
Get an overview of Crossing Minds and its features.
Find out how to take your omnichannel personalization to the next level.
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