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The behavior-based recommender system, backed by Shopify

Boost your engagement, conversions, and retention with behavior-based recommender system tailored for your Shopify & Shopify Plus store.

“Crossing Minds is leading the future of recommendation and personalization through best-in-class AI that will ultimately enable Shopify merchants to build stronger relationships with their customers."
Fjolla Bakalli
Manager of Corporate Development
and Strategic Initiatives, Shopify
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Personalize every step of your customer’s experience

Personalize your homepage with
“Just For You” suggestions

Shopify home page recommendations

Cross-sell with
“Frequently Bought Together”

Shopify cross-sell recommendations

Push onsite recommendations
to marketing email

Shopify email recommendations

Upsell from shopping cart with
“Related Products”

Shopify related product recommendations

Show new users something they'll love

For most Shopify stores, the majority of traffic is from new users. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing them relevant product recommendations.

We’re eliminating the “cold start” problem. Using contextual and behavioral insights like clicks and time on page, Crossing Minds provides highly relevant session-based recommendations - even for new shoppers who aren’t in your database.

Crossing Minds recommendation platform
Crossing Minds - GDPR Compliancy and Data Privacy

Easy to integrate, transparent, and cookie-free.

Some AI products feel like a “black box,” but the Crossing Minds dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you access to customization tools, business rules, and testing features.

We are committed to meeting the highest standard for user privacy. We never use cookies, which means you don’t have to worry about GDPR compliance.

Your store is unique.
We’ll optimize for your needs.

Our Implementation Team will support you 110% of the way. Every Shopify store is unique, which is why our Implementation Team of engineers and Machine Learning experts will optimize the app for your specific needs.

Using our recommendation platform means any business can take advantage of next-gen AI and ML technologies to create great online customer experiences. Our platform is the only one that can be customized to your unique business needs and instantly deliver precise, session-based recommendations.  

Crossing Minds recommendation platform

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CB Insights named Crossing Minds one of the top 100 retail tech companies of 2022.

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