Digital merchandising tools for better customer experiences

Beam's e-commerce merchandising solutions make retailers' lives easier by taking the guesswork out of item display. Deliver highly-personalized product recommendations, deployed across the entire customer journey.

Dynamic carousels make digital merchandising a breeze

Go beyond "what's new," "trending," or "previously bought." Give customers highly relevant, 1:1 carousel recommendations based on their tastes, preferences, and on-site behavior.

Suggest items wherever users move about your online store

Display recommendations on various pages like the homepage, product listings, product displays, cart view, post-checkout, and more. The perfect e-commerce merchandising experience follows users as they explore your website.

A truly omnichannel digital merchandising solution

Make sure your online marketing reaches all customer points of contact. Our digital merchandising solution can send personalized recommendations in-store, online, via email, SMS, and in-app.

Increase conversions and AOV with intelligent AI

Crossing Minds' technology is built with cutting-edge AI. Our tools analyze user behavior and product data to make digital merchandisers' jobs simpler.

Delight customers with relevant bundle & upsell recommendations

Drive revenue and satisfy customers by pairing products that go well together. Recommend more expensive items, or provide them with intuitive bundles using Beam's digital merchandising tools.
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Simple integration with your tech stack

Crossing Minds’ e-commerce merchandising solution easily fits into your existing tech stack. Plus, it's robust enough to supercharge the results you care about -- conversions, revenue, ROI, and more.
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