Designed to work and scale
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Crossing Minds visual branding
Crossing Minds visual branding

Built for any business.

Our recommendation platform uses advanced algorithms that eliminate recommendation guesswork for your current users and when onboarding new users.

Our team is uniquely qualified to work with your teams to walk them through data collection and implementation to provide solutions that are tailored to your business and customers while protecting their privacy.

Crossing Minds recommendation platform
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Easy to integrate.
Fast to deploy.

We've built our API for developers so it can be easily integrated into your business via clients in Python, Java, Ruby, and other languages.
And because we are building a platform beyond the API, we made sure we could integrate with your tech stack, either to ingest data, or deploy recommendations. Our solution is customizable to your business and scalable as you grow.

Tools for every stack

We offer client and server libraries in everything from Javascript and PHP to .NET and Python.

Pre-built integrations

Use integrations for systems like Shopify, Amazon S3, Iterable, and more.

Connect your tech stack.


Connect your Cloud Storage or Data Management to directly import your item catalogs or user history in a few clicks.

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Integrate our platform into your website or store by directly using our API Clients or by connecting your Customer Data Platform.

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Deploy your recommendations across any touchpoints including emails. We integrate with Mailchimp, Sailthru, Iterable and more.

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Find the best API client for your website.

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Crossing Minds named to the top 100 retail tech companies of 2022.

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