A content recommendation engine that truly considers taste

Delight your users and keep them engaged with highly relevant content recommendations. A person's unique interests, tastes, and preferences inform our recommendations.

Leverage behavioral data to predict what each user wants

Rapidly analyze a user’s behavior (plays, favorites, ratings, etc.) to create the most relevant recommendations. Other content recommendation engines surface what's new or trending -- Crossing Minds' algorithms analyze behavior-based data to the fullest extent.
Girl being given accurate category recommendations

Surface their favorite genre or category

Keep users highly engaged by recommending more of their favorites, plus new content they’ll love. User consumption habits can paint a vivid picture -- not just when users watched something; but when, for how long, how frequently, etc. All this data informs content recommendation.

Recommend new content the moment it's submitted

Artists, labels, and studios can't wait days or weeks for their new content to be discovered. Up your content recommendation game by surfacing recently submitted content to relevant users, within minutes.
A couple watches TV from a streaming service that gives them recommended videos to watch.

Group recommendations to bring individuals together

Crossing Minds’ group recommendations allow friends and loved ones to find content together that they’ll both enjoy. Recommend the highest common denominator, or a mix of each user's favorites.

Effective suggestions for new users in a matter of clicks

New users want accurate recommendations fast. Give them a personalized experience from their first session that will have them coming back for more.
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recommendations based on her tastes
Women looking at various integrations that Beam provides.

Simple integration with your tech stack

Crossing Minds’ dynamic content recommendation engine easily fits into your existing tech stack. Plus, it's robust enough to supercharge the results you care about -- conversions, revenue, ROI, and more.
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