Crossing Minds user-to-items Recommendation

Personalizing every page on your website.

Our platform uses data collected from a customer’s previous visits to create powerful, insightful recommendations and display those selections throughout the user’s onsite journey.

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Increase engagement

with Crossing Minds.


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API Clients and Integrations

Delivering page after page of “I want that.”

For your customers, the best possible experience on your site is to constantly encounter items that interest and excite them. Such an experience converts returning customers into long-term fans of your business. Through next-gen machine learning techniques, our platform empowers you to deliver this extraordinary experience to your users. 

Here are some of the ways you can use website personalization:

  • Curate a unique "For You" carousel for each user on your website’s home page

  • Recommend a custom list of items on product pages based on a customer’s behavioral data

    Provide highly personalized digital content recommendations even as user filters (genre, price, location) are applied

Making it personal to make a connection.

With our API integrated into your site, you can:

  • Increase user satisfaction

  • Convince customers to renew after two-week trial (streaming entertainment)

    Create return customers

    Enhance your brand (users feel that everything you offer is suited to their tastes)

Personalize Every Page on your website.

One of the most frequent and impactful use-cases of our recommendation API for an Entertainment or eCommerce platform is the filter based recommendation, as an evolution of their standard search engines.

Compared to traditional content search, customers are not looking to retrieve a precise content; instead, they want to discover available content within a particular category.

  • Provide Recommendation no matter the filter applied (genre, price, location etc..)

  • Provide highly personalized digital content recommendations even as user filters (genre, price, location) are applied

Powering your KPIs through Machine Learning

When a customer enters a user ID on your site, they unlock a wealth of valuable data for our API.

Through two powerful proprietary components, machine learning embeddings and improved recommendation engines, our API can then return the most relevant items for this specific user within a few milliseconds.

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