About Crossing Minds

We’re on a mission to help businesses create magic moments for their customers by proactively surfacing the items that are most relevant to them. To do so, we make AI technology that fuels the smartest recommender system for ecommerce, marketplaces, streaming services, and more.
Crossing Minds Team Gathering in Yosemite

About Us

Crossing Minds was started by world-renowned AI pioneers, including Dr. Sebastian Thrun, Dr. Emile Contal, and Alexandre Robicquet. While researching together, they realized that there was a smarter way to do recommendations.

While our founding team includes world-renowned AI pioneers and experts, our company exists because we believe that the latest advancements in machine learning shouldn’t be locked up in academia. Instead, they should be accessible through safe and concrete products built for everyone.

Our breakthrough is in behavior-based recommendations, which enable businesses to provide highly relevant recommendations to each user within a couple clicks - all without using personal data. By leveraging onsite actions instead of personal or demographic data, behavior-based recommendations allow businesses to surface individualized recommendations to anyone - even new and anonymous users.

Now, Crossing Minds is the only AI recommender system backed by Shopify. Our customer roster includes Backcountry, Grailed, Camp, and Penguin Random House, and we’re constantly growing! We are headquartered in San Francisco and have expanded with offices in Toronto and Paris.

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