Conversational search & discovery
with ChatGPT for e-commerce

GPT Spotlight helps shoppers find relevant products through AI conversational search.

How does it work?

Greets existing & new customers
What can I help you find? Tell me like you’d tell a friend.
Helps people find relevant products for their needs
looking for some shirts for a casual event, i look good in green
Seamlessly guides the user journey
Here are some shirts that pair well with the pants in your cart.
Cultural references
i want a tasteful costume, maybe something from an 80s movie
Abstract prompts
i’m going for a beachy relaxed vibe
Implicit criteria
this needs to be comfortable for an outdoor wedding in Miami in July
Context and compatibility
give me a belt that would match my brown leather Italian shoes
Negotiate and refine
actually just show me the options you have for floral print, not the others

Find the perfect product through conversational search.

Every shopper’s intention to buy is accompanied by certain criteria and preferences. GPT Spotlight uncovers what your customers really want, no matter how vague or specific their prompt.

Why use GPT Spotlight?

Boost engagement and conversions
Find out what your customers really want
Consolidate search & recommendations

A unified search & discovery experience with ChatGPT intelligence

GPT Spotlight is an intuitive way to discover new products that consolidates search and recommendations into one discovery experience. Serve your customers proactive recommendations based on their interests and criteria as they shop with this ChatGPT app for e-commerce.

Surface the most relevant products, faster

Instead of relying on filters, Product Listing Pages, and antiquated search tools, GPT Spotlight encourages shoppers to share their criteria and intent explicitly. Using that data, GPT Spotlight, surfaces the right product for each customer immediately.

Get insights into shopping trends on your site

Get insights on top trends, searches, and requests from customers. See the volume of each trend and make appropriate merchandising adjustments.

These customer queries and prompts can unearth invaluable insights into how you can classify or organize products to enable a more intuitive customer experience.

Crossing Minds + ChatGPT: The perfect match

Crossing Minds’ entire platform, including GPT Spotlight, is built on the same principles of best-in-class large language models. Like ChatGPT, our technology uses embeddings to derive relevance, which has driven Crossing Minds’ powerful recommendation engine since its inception. Plus, it’s easy to integrate with an array of platforms that exist in your current tech stack. ChatGPT for Shopify has never been more intuitive.

Why do commerce teams trust Crossing Minds?

Extremely powerful tool to have in your arsenal

It’s been a joy working with their data-obsessed team to provide recommendations and content that’s hyper-relevant.

Rose Seyfried
Senior Product Manager
Leveraging the full potential of our data

Crossing Minds has proven to be invaluable as a partner for leveraging the full potential of our data to drive better consumer experiences and improve business ROI.

Monhir EI-Achheb
Global Head of Data Strategy
Most recommendation systems are built for the masses – but that doesn’t work for us.

Crossing Minds truly partnered with us to adapt and adjust the recommendation platform for our needs to deliver effective, quality recommendations.

Tyler Handley
Cofounder & CEO of Inkbox

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