An online grocery recommendation system
built for each customer's unique taste

Reimagining what it means to shop for groceries online: the Beam grocery recommendation system helps customers find relevant groceries more easily.

Leverage behavioral data to predict what each customer wants

Crossing Minds’ AI uses first-party data and customer browsing behavior(clicks, cart adds, previously purchased, etc.) and creates the best grocery recommendations in a matter of milliseconds.

Create endless grocery bundle and upsell opportunities

Drive revenue by helping customers find grocery items that pair well together. Recommend more premium items, or create a "virtual checkout line" experience selling smaller snacks and goodies

Recommendations set around time of day, week, holidays, and more

Time of day or week impacts the items online grocery shoppers are interestedin. Recommend breakfast in the morning, alcohol and snacks in the late evening, or even fresh flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day.

Effective recommendations for new users in a matter of clicks

New users want accurate recommendations fast. Give them a personalized experience from their first session that will have them coming back for more.

All the right ingredients, served up by recipe

Shoppers can use Beam to manage recipes – get all the ingredients needed to make a dish in just a few clicks.

Solve dietary restriction concerns with advanced recommendations

Vegan? Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? Quickly serve up products to fit any dietary preference or restriction with Crossing Minds' online grocery recommendation system.
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