Crossing Minds to Deliver Ecommerce Personalization Through Google Cloud Marketplace Launch

Crossing Minds’ AI service enables retail customers to serve personalized experiences to their customers on Google Cloud.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 9, 2023) – Crossing Minds, a leading ecommerce artificial intelligence (AI) company, is excited to announce it is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This integration will empower retailers who use Google Cloud to quickly deploy Crossing Minds’ solution to personalize shopping experiences, enhance customer engagement and drive business growth, with no manual configuration required. 

In a quickly-evolving digital landscape, delivering tailored experiences to customers is essential for ecommerce success. Crossing Minds’ solution  applies Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI and cloud computing technology to make this a reality for retailers worldwide.

Crossing Minds' CEO, Alexandre Robicquet, stated, "At Crossing Minds, our mission has always been to provide innovative AI solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud technology, to enable retailers to deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences to their customers. By combining the power of our AI-driven personalization with Google Cloud's robust infrastructure, we are redefining the future of ecommerce."

Crossing Minds’ solution will offer retailers the following key benefits:

1. Advanced Personalization: Crossing Minds' AI-driven recommendation engine will allow retailers to understand customer preferences and behavior, delivering personalized product recommendations in real-time. This tailored approach enhances customer satisfaction and drives conversions.

2. Scalability: Google Cloud's infrastructure provides retailers with the scalability and reliability needed to handle increased traffic and data processing during peak seasons and rapid growth.

3. Data Security: The collaboration ensures that customer data remains secure, adhering to the highest standards of responsible data protection and privacy.

4. AI Insights: Retailers will gain access to in-depth insights into customer behavior and trends, allowing for data-driven decision-making and optimization.

As ecommerce continues to transform the way consumers shop, Crossing Minds is committed to  transforming the industry, making it more competitive and customer-centric. Retailers will have the tools they need to engage with their customers on a personal level and provide the shopping experiences that keep them coming back.

Robicquet continued, "With this collaboration, we are enabling retailers to stand out in an overcrowded ecommerce landscape. It's about helping businesses connect with their customers on a deeper level and building lasting relationships. We are excited about the positive impact this will have on the future of online retail."

Retailers looking to boost their ecommerce performance and provide personalized experiences to their customers can learn more about this collaboration by visiting the Crossing Minds website or reaching out to their sales team.

About Crossing Minds

Crossing Minds is a forward-thinking AI company dedicated to enhancing ecommerce by delivering personalized shopping experiences. With cutting-edge AI technology, Crossing Minds helps businesses understand their customers and provide tailored product recommendations, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.


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