Crossing Minds Launches AI that Makes E-commerce Product Data More Intuitive and Discoverable

Crossing Minds today announced the release of a new e-commerce data enrichment product that makes e-commerce products more intuitively discoverable to customers. The product uses generative AI to clean existing product data and add new, intuitive data labels based on product image and text data.

E-commerce businesses can immediately use the product to:

  • Improve the site search function by adding intuitive new product properties, such as "Texture: Fuzzy" or "Motivation: Weight Loss."
  • Vastly improve personalization effectiveness by expanding the breadth of data used to match customers with relevant products.
  • Generate effective product SEO based on focus keywords through automated tagging of the most relevant, common search queries.
  • Correct formatting, remove duplicates, and recategorize data through machine learning so all product data conforms to the same standard.
  • Get data quality scores and proactive alerts when product data is missing, incorrect, or inconsistent.
  • Reduce or eliminate human hours spent on tedious manual data input by relying on generative AI.

According to the Baymard Institute, 52% of e-commerce sites "fail to sufficiently post-process vendor-supplied data," leading to inconsistent attributes, abbreviations and jargon, and entirely missing product data.

"Poorly tagged product data prevents e-commerce teams from delivering exceptional shopping experiences," said Alexandre Robicquet, CEO and Co-Founder of Crossing Minds. "At the same time, customers are becoming less tolerant of flaws and inconsistencies in the shopping experience. Merchandisers need better tools to make product data usable and effective, without headaches. We're pleased to offer a solution that standardizes product data and adds new properties that enable customers to shop more naturally."

Crossing Minds' data enrichment product humanizes the e-commerce experience. Rather than making customers conform search queries to limited supplier data, merchandising teams can cater to the way customers think. Apparel brands can denote attributes like "Collar Style" or "Dress Length," while grocers can add "Dietary Restrictions" and "Bundle With" attributes. Intuitively tagged data improves every form of discovery: search, recommendations, filters, and SEO.

Crossing Minds' data enrichment solution is built on the same principles as its highly personalized product recommendations. Using machine learning techniques including deep collaborative filtering, embedding analysis, and deep content extraction, the AI platform takes raw data related to product attributes and customer attributes to enable lightning-fast product discovery.