Crossing Minds wins “Best e-Commerce Web Platform” in MarTech Breakthrough Awards

We’re excited to announce that Crossing Minds was named the “Best e-Commerce Web Platform” winner in the 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards program.

The award program received 2,950 nominations for the world’s most innovative solutions in marketing, ads, and sales technology. Customer expectations have never been higher – and we’re honored to be highlighted for our work that's allowing businesses to meet these demands.

Crossing Minds is on a mission to transform the e-commerce industry and experience. Since the very beginning, we’ve broken out of traditional personalization methods and introduced our own that allows customers to receive individualized experiences.

We do this through behavior-based recommendations, a breakthrough personalization technique that leverages each customer’s demonstrated interests. Through the years, we’ve proven the power of our customer- and privacy-centric approach. In working with companies to enhance personalization in their marketing strategies, we’ve delivered outstanding results that motivate us to continue sharing our approach with more businesses and improve on the traditional methods seen across the martech and personalization industry.

With this award, we had the opportunity to highlight the results we secured through our work with Inkbox, the leading direct-to-consumer tattoo brand. After implementing our technology, the company saw a 69% average increase in conversion rate from new customers, a 250% increase in email click-through rates, a 348% increase in adds to cart, and a 440% increase in conversion rates among recurring users – numbers that reflect the effectiveness of our personalization approach.

This year alone, the MarTech Breakthrough Awards program received 2,950 nominations coming from all over the world, and it’s an honor to stand out among that group.

I’m grateful for our team’s constant hard work and feel honored to be recognized for our unique, innovative technology that’s paving the way for a new era of personalization. 

Thank you to the MarTech Breakthrough Awards for this amazing recognition – we’re excited to be on this journey and for what’s to come for Crossing Minds in the near future.