Crossing Minds Announces React Library for Shopify Hydrogen & Hydrogen 2.0 Stores

Crossing Minds is pleased to announce the release of its new React library, designed to support headless Shopify stores running on Hydrogen or the Remix-based Hydrogen 2.0 frameworks. Already deployed in Shopify stores worldwide, Crossing Minds’ highly-personalized recommendation platform Beam is now available to businesses with more complex front-end needs thanks to the new library. With this new release, the flexibility of Crossing Minds’ dynamic and powerful API is afforded to even more Shopify storefronts.

E-commerce storefronts are increasingly investing significantly in digital transformations, building competent software development teams capable of broadening the horizons of restrictive, template-based GUI front-ends. The newly released Beam React library empowers these developers to create highly-personalized customer experiences without limits, providing tools to put AI-powered recommendations in their apps. This is achieved without locking a business into a platform-specific environment, allowing them complete control of store appearance, performance, and technology.

“The Crossing Minds approach is all about delivering best-in-class personalization, tailored to the unique needs of each e-commerce business,” said Alexandre Robicquet, CEO and Co-Founder of Crossing Minds. “With that in mind, it was a logical step for us to put resources behind assisting e-commerce storefronts with more complex front-end needs. We’re thrilled to help Shopify stores on Hydrogen frameworks achieve highly-personalized recommendations that lead to more conversions.”

The Beam React library provides an intuitive codebase for developers to implement its recommendation engine features easily onto their front-end. With personalized recommendations based on customer behavior and real-time updates, store owners can effortlessly incorporate next-gen recommendation engine features into their headless websites.

Both versions of Hydrogen are used by a variety of businesses, including small startups and large enterprises, within the Shopify ecosystem. It is particularly useful for businesses that require a high level of customization in their front-end design or those that want to create a unique customer experience that sets them apart from their competitors. With Hydrogen, store owners can easily integrate the recommendation engine API into their headless store, providing personalized recommendations to their customers in real-time.

By using the Crossing Minds recommendation engine API, Shopify store owners can provide customers with personalized recommendations that are more likely to result in a sale, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue. The Crossing Minds integration allows the merchant to send user behavior data to Crossing Minds in real-time, all without exposing the data to third parties. After doing so, Crossing Minds’ proprietary models analyze a customer's previous purchases, browsing history, and other interactions. This allows any merchant to provide real-time personalization, ensuring customers are always presented with the most relevant product recommendations.

Crossing Minds’ newly launched Beam React library for Hydrogen and Hydrogen 2.0 stores provides an easy and efficient way for store owners to implement personalized recommendation engine features on their websites. By using the Crossing Minds recommendation platform, store owners can provide their customers with personalized recommendations that are more likely to result in a sale, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.