A Word About ChatGPT & the Future of Search and Discovery

By now, everyone’s heard of ChatGPT, a large language model (LLM) created by OpenAI that’s fundamentally changing how people search, synthesize information, and behave on the internet. In fact, ChatGPT acquired roughly 100M users in just two months – an unprecedented pace. While interest (and amazement) in ChatGPT’s capabilities are continuing to climb, existing use cases for it have only barely scratched the surface of its potential.

When ChatGPT launched, it was clear that it would impact how people shop and browse information, but also product catalogs, too. There are incredible opportunities to enhance both the customer experience and business insights by leveraging ChatGPT and other cutting-edge AI. This technology has the power to transform how people discover new products.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time. “Search and discovery,” or the art of helping customers find relevant products, has long been overdue for reassessment. Traditional search bars are restrictive, and implicit feedback is sporadic and unreliable. Search bars have trained users to guess matching categories or simply cross their fingers for relevant results while overthinking how to use minimal keywords that remove any type of nuance. 

By contrast, the incredible flexibility of ChatGPT pushes users to express exactly what they want, no matter how vague or specific it may be. In turn, ChatGPT receives a user’s most authentic intent, in their own words. Even by itself, this creates extraordinary value for businesses who want to understand their customers and deploy highly-personalized experiences. These principles are exactly what inform the methodologies of Crossing Minds’ recommendation engine. LLMs like ChatGPT are built on the use of embeddings to analyze text strings and relevance, which is what has driven Crossing Minds’ powerful approach to personalization since our inception. 

Crossing Minds is devoted to deploying cutting-edge technology to benefit users and businesses alike. We are at the forefront of the next generation of digital experiences, powered by LLMs like ChatGPT. Forward-thinking e-commerce brands will be among the first to see vast improvements to their user experience. 

Some incredible product innovations are underway at Crossing Minds. More news to come very soon. I encourage you to stay tuned.

Alexandre Robicquet
CEO & Co-Founder

Alexandre earned his first two Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Machine Learning at the age of 23 from ENS Paris Saclay. Alexandre had his work published at the age of 21 and held two 4-year positions as a researcher under Pr. Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X) and Pr. Silvio Savarese. He received a third Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and started on a path for a Ph.D but chose instead to work on building Crossing Minds full-time.