The smartest recommendation platform, customized for your needs

Deliver personalization at scale with the flexible, no-limits recommendation platform.
Man liking an item via web, saving another item for later, and 
eventually making a purchase thanks to behavior-based

Help your customers discover products they’ll love

Companies with hundreds or thousands of products must take a proactive approach to discovery. Boost your conversions and revenue by surfacing the most relevant products for each customer.
E-commerce category recommendations help a woman discover running shoes and beach items.
A shopper is browsing through online shop and find the good product through personalized recommended products thanks to session-based recommendations.

Focus on what customers want, not who they are

First-party behavioral data tells a rich story about what your customers want. Within 3 clicks, Crossing Minds delivers effective 1:1 personalization for each customer, all without cookies or personally identifiable information.

Fully customized for your unique needs

Our customers get unprecedented results, largely attributed to our unique tailor-made approach. Every business is unique, and our Machine Learning implementation team factors in every detail of your customer journey.
Woman and man are engaging with Crossing Minds recommendation dashboard which provides "Creating A/B Test", "Adding business rule" and " Customizing AI model".
Woman shopping via mobile and man shopping via web 
as new users, receiving recommendations based on cart adds

Convert new and anonymous users faster

Deliver highly-personalized experiences for everyone, even new and anonymous users. Convert them faster by helping them discover products they’ll truly love.

Recommend products in email, SMS, and beyond

Boost your email CTR and conversions by showing relevant product recommendations in email and SMS. Help them discover new products, or recover abandoned carts - omnichannel possibilities are endless.
Woman receiving a reminder about items in her abandoned
cart via mobile
Women is standing in front of Crossing Minds recommendation dashboard which is powered by Industry-leading AI technology: "Deep Content Extraction", "Semantic Graph
Embedding", "Deep Collabrative

Powerful results meet uncompromising flexibility

Unlock the next level of fully tailored personalization for your business. Your dashboard will provide limitless flexibility to create powerful business rules, A/B tests, custom cohorts, and more.