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Why a platform makes
a difference.

Using our recommendation platform means any business can take advantage of nex-gen (advanced) AI and ML technologies to create great online customer experiences. Our platform is the only one that can be customized to your unique business needs and instantly deliver precise, session-based recommendations.  

It’s designed to be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and software and doesn’t require constant and costly API and software updates. And by only requiring on-site actions to make tailored recommendations, your customer’s privacy is protected and so is your business.

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Crossing Minds - GDPR Compliancy and Data Privacy
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Privacy is at the heart of
what we do.

With our platform, personalization doesn’t have to be invasive and tailored experiences don’t require copious amounts of personal data.

Our advanced algorithm can make smart, accurate recommendations based on on-site actions alone.

This means your consumers can trust that their data is safe, and your business can stay compliant even as consumer privacy laws become more stringent.


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of digital businesses are
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Recommendation Stats

For customers, personalized recommendations are an essential tool for navigating the web’s ever-expanding marketplace.

As cookies are phased out and new privacy laws go into effect,
predicting customer needs is even more challenging.

Businesses must find new ways to customize interactions and
build stronger connections while respecting their customers’ personal identifiable information (PII). 

Making it work for you.

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The only data REQUIRED to train the best recommendation engines for your business is, of course, the interactions the users have with your products. You can, of course, upload those interactions in 2 different way:

User-to-Items recommendations: display the very best items that match the profile of each specific user. This is the most common endpoint to get recommendations for users that are already in your database.

Item-to-Items recommendations: Given an item ID, the API returns similar items.

Session-based recommendations:
Specially for anonymous visitors, given a list of interactions for an anonymous session, the receive the best items to display in a few ms.

Real-time filters:
All our recommendation endpoints support filters parameters specific to your business.

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Crossing Minds’ recommendation platform allows companies of all sizes to harness the power of advanced AI to deliver perceptive recommendations.

Our universal recommendation API can be easily integrated into any of your platforms either to ingest your data, or to deploy your recommendations.

Our solution is customizable to your business and scalable as you grow.

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The only data REQUIRED to train the best recommendation engines for your business is, of course, the interactions the users have with your products. You can, of course, upload those interactions in 2 different way:

Ratings or Explicit Feedbacks: Explicit feedbacks clearly describes on a fixed scale the rating a user gave to an item (like/dislike, star rating, etc.). For more information about how to prepare your file and preprocess them, please read our API documentation!

Direct User Interactions: or what we call "Implicit Feedback." Those are all the interactions you can find, for instance, in your Google Analytics, the clicks, the scroll, the page view, etc. User Interactions represent different interactions a user may have with an item, often hints whether the user likes or not an item.

Items Catalog: Enriching the information our algorithm can have about your items is strongly recommended, although also optional!

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