Delight new and anonymous users with behavior-based recommendations

Most visitors are new or anonymous. Engage them quickly with a highly-personalized experience that will encourage conversions – all without cookies.
Woman shopping via mobile and man shopping via web 
as new users, receiving recommendations based on cart adds
Man liking an item via web, saving another item for later, and 
eventually making a purchase thanks to behavior-based

Leverage behavioral data to predict what each customer wants

Our AI rapidly analyzes likes, cart adds, ratings, etc. to serve the most relevant recommendations. Behavior-based recommendations eliminate the conundrum of the cold start, or lack of previously captured data.

Recommend new items the moment they’re submitted

Forget waiting periods. Start surfacing items that match a user’s tastes and preferences as soon as they're added to your catalog.
Man lounging on a couch with a cat and receiving a push
notification about new items listed based on his tastes

Advanced AI that scales in real time

Other recommendation platforms take days or weeks to adjust for new data. Crossing Minds’ machine learning scales rapidly, enabling personalization that evolves as fast as your customers browse.
As a shopper going through different product, they start to see personalized recommendations thanks to the session-based recommendations.
A shopper is browsing through online shop and find the good product through personalized recommended products thanks to session-based recommendations.

Use behavior-based recommendations to increase first-time sales

Crossing Minds’ advanced AI allows you to quickly and accurately learn first-time users’ tastes. This leads to orders with a larger value on the first purchase.

Case Studies

Get an overview of Crossing Minds and its features.
Find out how to take personalized experiences to the next level.
A/B test and customize the smartest recommendations for your unique scenario.
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