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Suggest items as add-ons and upsells

Our platform tracks similarities between your products so you can make informed recommendations when customers show interest in a specific item. 

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Crossing Minds Art Design

Increase sales with cross-sell & upsell


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Increase in Engagement


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Use one “liked” item to predict another

When a customer puts an item in their shopping cart or queue—or spends time on a product page—our platform knows immediately what that person likes and wants. Every product you sell is related to many others in complex and intricate ways, and our AI decodes that enigma to help you recommend similar or related items and enhance incremental sales.  

Here are three of the most common ways to provide cross-sell or upsell recommendations:

  • Show users the most relevant "Similar Items" on each page

  • Recommend closely related items or digital content to enjoy next

  • Send out after-purchase emails with additional items the customer will want

A pipeline showing how recommendation support sales and engagement.
Recommendations to increase cross-sell and up-sells

Leverage item-to-items relationships

Using proprietary algorithms, our platform is able to map the complex relationships between items. After extracting deep information from an item’s descriptive text with natural language processing, or from images using advanced convolution neural networks, we can then create a rich representation of its associations to other products.

Combined with our proprietary Semantic Graph Embedding, our Deep Content Extraction allows our software to recommend items of all kinds—even items no one has interacted with yet. This is because our models are able to understand the product type or genre by automatically extracting information and text from photos, descriptions, or reviews.

Increase engagement through cross-sell and upsell

When our API receives the ID of an item chosen by the customer, it will instantly return similar items to provide as recommendations. We’re able to find item similarities through the use of a hybrid model, one that considers item properties via content-based analytics and user interactions through collaborative filtering. 

With our API integrated into your website, you can:

  • Keep customers engaged

  • Increase shopping cart value

  • Suggest products and content for a return visit

A pipeline showing how recommendation support sales and engagement.

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