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Crossing Minds Art Design
Crossing Minds Art Design

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API Clients and Integrations

Create the most engaging "For You" homepage

Offer a personalized experience from the very first screen to your consumer coming back to your website.

  • Create or improve the unique "For You" carousel on your home screen

  • Recommend a custom list of items for each consumer based on behavioral data and their history

Engaging For You Homepage
Propagate personalization

Propagate personalization on every page of your website

One of the most frequent and impactful use-cases of our recommendation API for an Entertainment platform is the filter based recommendation, as an evolution of their standard search engines.

Compared to traditional content search, customers are not looking to retrieve a precise content; instead, they want to discover available content within a particular category.

  • Personalize every screens of your platform no matter the genre or filters

  • Understand truly what a user is looking for and find it in a blink

Show your customers more of what they love

Every time a consumer considers a specific content, recommending similar movies or books is a brilliant opportunity to keep them engaged on your platfrom.

  • Show users the most relevant "Similar Items" on each page

  • Increase the engagement by showing  the most relevant content or related products to watch next

  • Improve the browsing experience, to make it easy to discover and navigate similar content

Relevant similar content
Cold-start recommendation animation

Offer the very best Recommendation with minimum history

When a new user arrives on your website, providing recommendations without data-sets about their interests and tastes can be challenging.  This is what we would categorize as a cold-start problem.

Simply put, you can use Recommendation Engines anywhere you’d consider making an offer to a brand new consumer!

  • Personalize your screens with a session-based recommendation! Even just a few clicks can tell you a lot about your consumer.

  • Deploy session-based recommendations using session-based history and behavior!

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