Our strategic investment from Shopify and the future of e-commerce

Our mission at Crossing Minds has as always been to empower forward-thinking businesses to deploy highly engaging, personalized experiences for their customers; our specialty is helping those businesses leverage smart recommendations that keep customers’ data safe. One of our top priorities has always been serving e-commerce stores, and we’ve made an important next step in this space. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re the first AI-powered recommendation platform backed by Shopify.

Along with a strategic investment by Shopify, the Crossing Minds platform will also be available to Shopify merchants, allowing them to seamlessly leverage precise, tailored, accurate recommendations that engage and convert both new and existing customers—all without the use of third-party cookies or personal identifiable information (PII). We’re excited to enable Shopify’s millions of merchants worldwide to use our platform. 

Today’s news reflects wider trends in the e-commerce sector, both for consumers and businesses. Consumers are becoming aware of the power of a truly good recommendation engine, but are used to interacting with unsophisticated solutions that filter products only by what’s most popular or trending, what people similar to them have been interested in, or even what a company most wants to promote. In the meantime, as third-party cookies are rapidly being phased out and consumer data privacy laws continue to tighten, businesses are starting to realize that they don’t necessarily need to know personal user information such as age, gender, and location in order to engage consumers and help them find products they love. 

This is a concept we’ve stressed since Crossing Minds’ inception: all you really need to know about your consumers is what they’re truly interested in, and you can learn that from the actions they take, not who they are.

As such, it’s significant that Shopify—the leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce—has made an investment in our platform, the smartest recommender system with the highest regard for consumer privacy. 

Crossing Minds integrates directly with existing commerce tools and platforms, making it easy for merchants to get up and running with us in just a few clicks. We’re proud to say that businesses using Crossing Minds see an average increase of 96% in sales and 120% in email click-through rate—we’re looking forward to continuing to show additional merchants just what we can do.  

It’s been an exciting few months for us, with the Shopify investment on the heels of our recently announced Series A funding round. Still, we know that we’re just getting started—and we’re looking forward to what’s to come. 

Alexandre Robicquet
CEO & Co-Founder

Alexandre earned his first two Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Machine Learning at the age of 23 from ENS Paris Saclay. Alexandre had his work published at the age of 21 and held two 4-year positions as a researcher under Pr. Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X) and Pr. Silvio Savarese. He received a third Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and started on a path for a Ph.D but chose instead to work on building Crossing Minds full-time.