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Deploy Crossing Minds Identity Graph to increase conversions with lead scoring and personalization


When creating a marketing and sales campaign for a brand, companies only have two options, one, use data analytics to understand consumers thoroughly, or two, neglect the value of consumer retail data and run the risk of becoming obsolete. 

There are many ways to deploy consumer data analytics and machine learning as business intelligence tools based on data availability, KPIs, and of course use-cases. In this use-case, we will present the unique business intelligence solutions that were best tailored to this Consumer Goods (CG) case.  We will also be including the data obtained by the One Id Graph, which was built specifically for CG and allowed us to map a consumer's journey from their very first interaction with the brand to their last. The One ID Graph also built a more accurate user profile, taking into account user intention and origin. Our One ID graph also helped us get a better sense of CG’s customer motivations as well as their needs and pain points. This gave us a deeper understanding of each potential customer’s intentions for interacting with the product. In turn, that data will help the marketing and sales teams create accurate user profiling with more efficient marketing and sales tactics.

Unfortunately, without accurate user profiles,  CG’s previous marketing investments were lost through inefficiencies such as targeting the same user with inferior ads, sending emails with product offers not related to user interests or website/app pop-ups not related to user touchpoints. The One ID graph is one of many tools Crossing Minds deployed to eradicate such inefficiencies. 

Next, we implemented lead scoring as a marketing tactic.  Lead scoring for CG consisted of evaluating the behaviors of existing customers and prospects, and ranking them against a scale that distinguished who would be more likely to convert, be retained, or buy the company’s products and services. 

With CG, it was important to track and evaluate the investments made in their consumers from the cost of acquisition to the cost of retention. Having a connected, end-to-end user journey allowed CG to truly understand the value of every single customer, which was necessary for both marketing and sales teams.

What we have done

In conclusion, due to the results generated by the One Id Graph and Lead Scoring, we were able to understand and forecast user trends which allowed the marketing and sales teams to create more effective, personalized, and targeted campaigns. As a bonus,  the business and product side of the company now maintains the data needed to create new products and services accurately based on the consumer’s needs.

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