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Crafting personalized emails to increase loyalty.

To enable persuasive recommendation campaigns, our platform taps into a customer’s activity on your site—not just clicks within messages.

Emails KPIs & personalization.


Average Increase in Sales


Increase in CTR


Top Sales Increase


API Clients and Integrations

Putting magic in their inbox.

To create engaging experiences for your customers, your emails need to indicate an understanding of what they have liked in the past—and may like in the future.

Receiving an email filled with a personalized selection of products tells customers you know their tastes and interests and invites them to re-engage with your brand. Our platform makes the email customization process scalable and easy to deploy.

With our API integrated into your email platform, you can:

  • Increase click-through rate (CTR)

  • Expand overall purchase intents

  • Enhance conversion of each customer

Bulk-mailing millions of messages—every one unique.

Using data extracted from your CRM or data management platform, our model creates highly personalized email suggestions based on subscribers’ tastes, buying habits, and behaviors.

By integrating with your email platform, we automate creation of unique, customized emails to send to your entire customer base, be it hundreds, thousands, or millions of users in size.

Delivering a more engaging mail campaign.

Most email providers can only track how customers interact with the emails themselves, so they don’t know how users engage with your website or which products they really want.

Our platform uses site interactions and other algorithms to deliver a curated selection of products that show you know—and care about—their preferences and likes.

Recommendations deployed directly on your platforms.

Your emails need to indicate an understanding of what users have done in the past and what they are likely to be interested in in the future.

Our Recommendation Engines integrate with the data you provide via your CRM or data management platform.

We can create highly personalized email recommendations based on subscribers’ tastes, buying habits, and behaviors.This increases CTR and overall Purchase intents and conversion of each consumer receiving an email filled with a personalized selection of products.

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