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Marketers get better results by showing the products that each customer is most likely to buy.

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Crossing Minds Art Design

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Show them the products they'll love

When a customer browses your website, they naturally gravitate toward the things they care about most. These onsite behaviors can be leveraged as a highly accurate interest signal. Rather than simply using "Trending Products" or "Recently Viewed," we use each customer's unique onsite behaviors to deliver hyper-relevant recommendations - the things they're most likely to buy.

Inkbox saw a 250% increase in CTR when using these recommendations. Email marketers also get:

  • Increased retention and engagement

  • Better customer loyalty and CLV

  • Higher add-to-cart and conversion rates

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Personalized Recommendation & Bulk emailing

Truly personalized for each customer

Marketers send millions of emails, but each customer has their own unique taste. The closer you get to matching their taste, the better results you'll see from your email marketing.

We enable marketers to stay one step ahead. By leveraging onsite behaviors to create a unique profile for each customer, marketers can show the products that each customer will love most.

Leverage the interest signals that matter most

Every store's customer journey is unique: Between clicks, add/remove from cart, time on page, likes, save for later, and more, there are infinite ways customers could interact with your store.

That's why we partner with you to build a unique onsite behavior profile that matches the way your customers engage with your store. This nuanced attention to detail is for marketers who need the best performance from their emails - at scale.

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Easy to integrate with your email platform

We make integration easy, and we connect with your favorite email platform. We plug into your CRM or CDP, and getting off the ground is easy. Our Integration Team will support you 100% of the way, making sure every detail is in order.

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