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Predictive Lead Scoring

Understanding in an instant how truly valuable are your customers


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Reduce Marketing Cost
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AI Power Predictive Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is critical for targeting the right customers while simultaneously improving the efficiency of marketing and sales teams.

Predictive lead scoring consists of combining machine learning algorithms and user embeddings to evaluate the behaviors of existing customers and prospects. It then ranks them against a scale that can distinguish who is more likely to convert, retain, or buy from the company’s products and services.

Crossing Minds Allows You to truly see the value of your consumer

Crossing Minds Predictive Lead Scoring algorithms focus on taking out or reducing the element of human error while increasing the accuracy of identifying quality leads.

Our predictive lead scoring combines machine learning algorithms and user embeddings to predict future behavior based on observed past behavior. Your linked CRM and marketing automation solutions provide internal data for these algorithms.

Here’s how it works:

  • predictive lead scoring generates a single trackable metric based on a scale that reflects the perceived value customers and prospects represent. 
  • It allows the marketing teams to run more focused campaigns and investments for maximizing ROI from the marketing spends. 
  • It improves the efficiency and productivity of sales teams by optimizing the time and effort spent on working with high-quality customers and prospects. 
  • It improves the overall conversion as well as purchase rate by aligning acquisition and sales objectives.