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Identity Graph

Your business has a lot of available data scattered across third-party tools and contractors, such as Google Analytics, CRMs, and data from partner retailers. However these data sources do not communicate, and users are not identified uniquely across the data sources, which makes it impossible to leverage all of the available data.

Crossing Minds can leverage the overlap over the information collected by all these data sources to effectively reconnect the fragmented data. Using our proprietary matching algorithm and machine learning expertise, we will create an Identity Graph that will unlock the potential of all the scattered data already available.

The importance of having clean consumer data

Crossing Minds is the first and only company in the world to provide a full encoding of consumer’s behavior and taste, without ever putting their privacy at risk.  

We are able to build a “digital DNA” through the embedding of information gathered through cross-platforms by creating an anonymous mathematical representation of a consumer that contains all their tastes and behaviors. This gives any company an obvious competitive advantage and can further be leveraged for numerous predictions and analyses such as recommendation engines, churn prediction and predictive lead scoring. 

The importance of having One Identity Graph

Today customer data is more important than ever, as organizations look to leverage all the information they can gather to provide better services, strengthen the relationship with their customers, and finally create greater value. Yet, data comes from siloed sources that are not interconnected. The task of unifying data has only become more challenging because of the increasing amount of data collected and its structural complexity.

We work to make it real!

Every KPI is driven by a Consumer Journey

Behavior By Acquisition Channel

Crossing Minds allow you to better predict where yore consumers are going based on all the insights of where they are from. Leveraging the context of their visit and the channel of acquisition can drastically reduce your marketing cost.

Persona Journey Differentiation

Being able to fully grasp the journey of every single of your consumers allows your business to create personalized interaction that leads to concrete increase in conversion.

Path to Success

Cleaned and clarified Consumers Journeys allow you to clearly identified and leverage the path of success for each of your customers, based on who they really are.

Self Help Effectiveness

One of the main spending of business lays in the quality of self-help solution for the customers: FAQ, blogs, forums etc.. The One Id Graph help you visualize the least effective self-help point, improve on them, and reduce your cost on Live Customer Support.

Customer Experience Obstacle

Going hand in hand with the analysis of your customers Path to Success, being able to clearly identify your Customer Experience Obstacle will help decreasing your churn and increasing your conversions.

Loyalty and Lifetime Value

Thought personalization, customer experience optimization and a better understanding of your consumers, your business can concretely increase the CLV.

Crossing Minds Allows You to See Your Consumers like Never Before.

The One Id Graph will allow your business to map consumers from their very first interaction with the brand to their last moment. As it is now, it is complicated to map the consumer navigating the website, the one being targeted on social media and their behavior after their visit (purchase etc…)  

Understanding and viewing the full user journey thanks to the One Id graph will help the Marketing team create more accurate user profiling, understanding their intention, where they come from, target them better and more efficiently (avoiding targeting multiple times the same consumers not knowing this is the same person) and increase the retention.

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