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Bringing up the most personalized email to your consumers.

To stand out in the hyper-competitive battlefield of email campaigns, it is no longer enough to write basic subject lines and includes simple personalization based on readily available information like name and location. In the new email economy, it’s necessary to have emails which appear to “know” the user, including what they’ve done in the past, and what they are likely to be interested in in the future.

The Technology Behind

Embedding and Machine Learning have shown to be demonstrably more effective when it comes to personalizing an email. By leveraging the data and information you have about the customer and allocating optimal content, you can increase customer conversion, engagement, retention and lower cost.

Collaborative filtering, deep learning and smart use of acquisition data can also give your business a distinct advantage. Our technology enables you to apply a self-generating recommendation engine powering emails that speak directly to each individual consumers. Such emails will be designed accordingly to where a user is at in their customer life cycle and personalized based on what predictive modeling can demonstrate them to be at their current state.