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Cold Start Recommendation

When a new user arrives on your website, attempting to provide recommendations without data-sets about their interests and tastes can be challenging, this is what we would categorize as a cold-start problem.

We are implementing our deep content extraction combined with cross-channel pattern recognition and innovative machine learning algorithms. These methods combined provide a solution for extracting personalized recommendations with limited data sets on user tastes & preferences.


Recommendation API


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Predicting without Knowing

Because human behavior is not linear, cross-referencing data with traditional suggestion models seen on most sites with recommendation capability will only yield lackluster results at best. The most efficient and effective method of generating recommendations for users with little to no upfront data is using robust embeddings and algorithms trained specifically to solve the cold-start problem when engaging new users.

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The Technology Behind

Deploying trained embeddings and algorithms allows us to leverage not only the user-item feedback but the proper content of the items and the noticeable feature of the users simultaneously. These embeddings can be harnessed and used with little to no user feedback.

In addition, by adding layers of collaborative filtering, even more, embeddings are generated by identifying users with similar preferences. This also provides a new & unique solution to the cold-start problem for integrating both new users and new content.