Where to use Recommendations?
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Crossing Minds Recommendation Engines can be deployed for numerous industries including movies, music, books or e-commerce products.

Our data scientists help you to set up the right scenarios to fit your domain specific use cases.

Recommend the best Product at every step

Personalize your Home-screen

Offer a personalized experience from the very first screen to your consumer coming back to your website:

  • Create a unique "For You" carousel on your home screen
  • Personalize your new list of items for each consumer

Power Up your Cross Sales with the Best Similar Items

Keep offering such a personalized experience across all the screens and steps of your website:

  • Display the most relevant "Similar Items" on every pages.
  • Personalize your new list of items for each consumer.
  • Display the most relevant products or content to add to a cart before checking out

Email Personalization & Conversion

Why are Emails so Important?

To stand out in the hyper-competitive battlefield of email campaigns, it is no longer enough to write basic subject lines and includes simple personalization based on readily available information like name and location.

In the new email economy, it’s necessary to have emails which appear to “know” the user, including what they’ve done in the past, and what they are likely to be interested in in the future.

We can help you personalized those email with the most appropriate content, for every single of your consumers.

How can I use this in my emails?

  • Upload the items you would like to recommend to the API.
  • Prepare your recommendations engines by simply uploading the ratings of your users or by plugin your CRM or Data Management Platform.
  • Call the API to see what would be the best content to send to your consumers via emails!

Bring up the most personalized email to your consumers.

Cold Start Recommendation for NEW USERS

What Is Cold Start Recommendation?

When a new user arrives on your website, attempting to provide recommendations without data-sets about their interests and tastes can be challenging, this is what we would categorize as a cold-start problem.

We are implementing our deep content extraction combined with cross-channel pattern recognition and innovative machine learning algorithms. These methods combined provide a solution for extracting personalized recommendations with limited data sets on user tastes & preferences.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere you can think of recommending something to a brand new consumer! for instance:

  • Personalize your screens with session based recommendation! A few clicks can already tell you a lot about your consumer.
  • Provide the best Item-Item Recommendation every time a page is visited.
  • Offer the best recommendation based on their cart and increase your cross sales.

How can I use it?

As a consumer clicks on pages and products, you can already start understanding what they are looking for or what is their taste and interests.

By sending those interactions and by leveraging the recommendation engines we've built for you, you will be able to deploy session-based recommendations to personalize the experience of every new user.

Are we a good fit?

1 - You have an online eCommerce shop

Do you build e-shops for your clients that aim for higher revenues? Provide your clients with next level personalization and recommendations across their entire website such as: similar items, add-to-cart up sales, follow up emails and recommendations.

Start increasing the basket volume now!

2 - You are a Streaming Platform

Do you manage a Streaming Platform?
Let’s say you boost the engagement by 20% on average by providing personalized content for each individual customer.

Or maybe you develop bespoke software for clients? Picture a home screen with products or content tailored to the needs of each individual user.

Engage your users now!

3 - You send Personalized Emails

Do you send personalized email to your users?

Increase your click through rate and boost your sales by populating your emails with the best content for every individual consumer.

Fill up your emails with the best recommendations!

4 - You have a content or blog website

Do you run high traffic content websites with a sea of content? What if we told you can use recommendations to increase customer engagement?

Kick up your user sign ups now!

We work to make it real!

Find the best API Client for your Website!

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