Technology Partnership

Deploy Real-Time Personalization On Any of your Platforms

Do you manage a small digital agency that runs several e-shops?
Or do you operate a CMS product used by thousands of customers?

Crossing Minds provides you with a fitting recommendation engine, regardless of your size or market.

Are we a good fit?

You want to grow your business by providing exceptional AI service to your clients.

1 - Medium and large e-Shop operators

Do you build e-shops for your clients that aim for higher revenues? Imagine providing your clients with the next level of personalization.
Start increasing the basket volume!

2 - eCommerce Platform Builder

Do you manage an eCommerce agency? Let’s say you boost the click-through-rate by 30% on average by providing personalized content for each individual customer.
Launch your star performance!

You have the tech know-how needed to implement it. And you want it today.

3 - DMP (Data Management Platforms)

Do you run high traffic content websites with a sea of content? What if we told you can use recommendations to increase customer engagement?
Kick up your advertising revenue!

4 - Streaming Platform Builder

Do you develop bespoke software for clients? Picture a home screen with products or content tailored to the needs of each individual user.
Engage your users!

Interested in working with us on your success story?

Choose the Perfect Type of Partnership for You!

We are open to various partnership opportunities and use cases.

Suppose you bring a client to Crossing Minds, we will award you with a variable % of the yearly subscription fees paid by the client, depending on the MRR of the client and your level of engagement in the process.


For those who can actively bring new leads on a regular basis, but won’t be engaged in the implementation of our solution to the client’s platform.

Technological Partnership

For those who have their own product and want to extend their offer by having a recommender engine as a feature.


For those who are able to help clients to integrate our solution according to their needs
(e.g. digital agencies).

Silent Partnership

For those who have their own product and want to extend their offer by having a recommender engine as a feature.

Integration with ANY CRM or DMP

Are you already using complex and integrated CRM or DMP to handle your user data? No worries, we already are official partners of mParticle or Segment and can integrate with any CRM & DMP needed.

Flexible API

Our team can build endpoints specifically for your need, your platforms, and your clients. Our senior backend team will be working closely with you from end-to-end to make this API fit your platform as best as possible.

Friendly Support

Providing the best recommendation is essential to you, and we get that. Our PhDs team will be there any time you need them, with an API with 99,99% up-time.

Cross Domain Recommendations

Our Algorithms are by definition cross domains and cross industries. We can support online courses recommendation, tattoos suggestions or streaming platform, all with the same technology.

Filters & Business Rule Build In

We understand that algorithms and AI may not grasp all the complexity of a situation, and we build that into our API. Recommendations filtered or with specific business rules?

We got you.

An API that Scale with you

Our API and algorithms are backed up by one of the best dev ops team. 99.99% uptime – 80ms average response time.
At your service.

Interested being part of this Partnership Program?

We are very exited to share our newly released Recommendation API, which businesses can utilize to offer their customers the best recommendations possible.

If you are interested in being part of our exclusive partnership program, please answer the interest form.Our team will reach back to you as we are processing the flow of applications. Thanks!

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