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Recommendation API

Crossing Minds is Deploying a Universal Recommendation API.

Crossing Minds is in the process of creating a universal recommendation API that can be integrated into your business with minimal effort. We implement efficient algorithm that eliminate the recommendation guesswork for current users and when onboarding new users.

Our exceptional team walks you through the process of data collection and implementation so you can get a solution unique to your business and customers. We focus on recommendation accuracy while protecting the privacy of user data.

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We are very exited to share our newly released Recommendation API, which businesses can utilize to offer their customers the best recommendations possible.

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How to make the best of our Recommendation API

Cold Start Problem

For a first time user of your brand, attempting to provide recommendations without data-sets reflecting interests and tastes can be challenging, this is what we would categorize as a cold-start problem.

Our API has been build with this problem in mind, and can help you being relevant to any new users, concretely increasing your short-term retention

Cross Domain Recommendations

We are able to build a “digital DNA” through the embedding of information gathered cross-platform by creating an anonymous mathematical representation of a consumer that contains all their tastes and behaviors. This gives any company an obvious competitive advantage and can further be leveraged for numerous predictions and analyses such as recommendation engines, churn prediction and predictive lead scoring.

Taste Mapping

Because of our improved embeddings, marketing teams can perform segmentation and audience targeting which provides a more accurate idea of the outcome or necessary strategy adjustments regarding specific campaigns, resulting in better customer understanding, better marketing insights and reduce media costs.