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Identity Resolutions

Scattered Data can be reconnected.

Companies have a lot of available data scattered across third-party tools and contractors, such as Google Analytics, CRMs, and data from partner retailers. However these data sources do not communicate, and users are not identified uniquely across the data sources, which makes it impossible to leverage all of the available data.

Crossing Minds team can leverage the overlap over the information collected by all these data sources to effectively reconnect the fragmented data. Using our proprietary matching algorithm and machine learning expertise, we will create a One ID Graph that will unlock the potential of all the scattered data already available.

How to Leverage Your Identity Graph

Today customer data is more important than ever, as organizations look to leverage all the information they can gather to provide better services, strengthen the relationship with their customers, and finally create greater value. Yet, data comes from siloed sources that are not interconnected. The task of unifying data has only become more challenging because of the increasing amount of data collected and its structural complexity.

Provide End-to-End User Journey

Identity Graph allow any businesses to map consumers from their very first interaction with the brand to their last moment.

As it is now, it is complicated to map the consumer navigating the website, the one being targeted on social media and their behavior after their visit (purchase etc…)

Fix The Problems of Duplicated Path

As companies continue to invest in data, customer information that is inaccurate and outdated remains a pain point.

As of today, surveys show that individuals could have up to 6 completely different identities within your database. 6 different sets of path, for one single consumer..

One of the main function of an identity graph is to remove those duplicatas, strengthen your databases and allow you to see your consumer for who they really are.

Improve your Customer Experience

In order to increase revenue to up to 95%, the retention only needs to be increased by 5%. Another key statistic here is the difference in the cost of re-engaging customers vs. acquiring new ones: it is 95% more expensive to acquire new consumers vs re-engaging some.

By periodically analyzing one consumer’s behavior, and comparing it to trained patterns of historical behaviors, Identity Graph can detect certain forms of churn before it’s too late for the business.

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Creating the Next Generation of Insights

It is important to understand and evaluate the investment made on your consumer, step by step: how much has been spent on acquiring them, how much to engage them, how to retain them. Having a connected, end-to-end user journey will allow teams to truly see the value of one customer (both for marketing and sales).

For this problematic, we are proposing a solution uniquely tailored to your business: the One ID Graph