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The best AI algorithms, specifically for your business

In the past decade, there has been an ever-increasing utilization of online e-commerce, communication, and entertainment. We at Crossing Minds saw this and identified a unique opportunity beyond the obvious.

The recent global crisis of COVID-19 has caused there to be an even further acceleration in this aforementioned utilization. It has forced the otherwise tepid individual to familiarize themselves with the internet in ways they would not have before, specifically in the realms of e-commerce and digital platforms. 

This has made it imminently clear, to every existing business, that in order to survive they must adapt to this new environment by capturing, analyzing and predicting their consumer’s behavior.

We work to make it real!

How can we indisputably help you?

Cohort Analysis

The cohort that we can build for you are based on concrete data behavior, tastes and Consumer Lifetime Value. Such Cohort can be attached to Marketing Strategy or Audience discovery.

One Id Graph

We leverage the overlap over the information collected by all your data sources(CRM, Online Analytics, social etc..)  to effectively reconnect the fragmented data and create the most insightful and complete user profiles.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive lead scoring: combining AI algorithms and user insights to evaluate the behaviors of existing customers and prospects.

Marketing Investment Analysis

We give your business access to a system that automatically turns off lower-performing campaigns, and adjusts the spending to accurately reflect the effectiveness of the investments.

Churn Prediction

Being able to fully capture the behavior and taste of consumers helps company predicting their departure and anticipating how to retain them.

Email Marketing

In the new email economy, it’s necessary to have emails which appear to “know” best your consumer, including what they’ve done in the past, and what they are likely to be interested in in the future. 

Applying the best AI to concrete business problems

Crossing Minds uses customer data across multiple domains to deliver the most accurate user predictions and recommendations on the market. Our dedicated team walks you through the process of data agglomeration and implementation so you can get a holistic solution unique to your business and customers.

Why Us

We work with select, burgeoning companies to create precise and detailed user data so you can present better and more accurate predictions per user on your platform. Our cumulative experience and knowledge in a plethora of domains combined with our team’s unmatched academic background allow us to create high-end algorithms specifically intended to make your business more profitable.

Management & Execution

We gather users’ implicit and explicit feedback to create the world’s most accurate user dataset. This allows us to train sophisticated deep learning models for taste prediction and correlation. We use this data to help your business enhance personalization and relevance in its content.

Crossing Minds & You

Crossing Minds takes an academic yet practical approach with our engineering to merge the gap between the aggregation of data across multiple domains and the correlation of that data which often goes ignored.

Our goal is to synthesize cross-platform features and create an in-depth user profile that renders precise taste predictions and profitable results. Our team takes pride in not only delivering these results while assisting our partners every step of the way, but also in our promise to protect your users’ privacy and data.