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Jesta I.S.

For 55 years, Jesta has supported retailers specializing in apparel & footwear, serving emerging and established brands with a cost-effective enterprise Omnichannel Store Platform. This platform is more than a standalone solution. It's part of Jesta's larger Retail Management Suite that includes an expansive Merchandising ERP, WMS, POS, OMS, and a dedicated Center of Excellence for Advanced Reporting.  
The partnership with Crossing Minds enhances the offering by integrating advanced AI and machine learning, including ChatGPT, into the store platform. This addition boosts personalization, offering customers tailor-made product recommendations across diverse touchpoints. It empowers sales associates with these insights at the POS, within the customer profile, and across the endless aisle lookbook. 
These AI-enhanced tools also offer self-shoppers personalized recommendations at store kiosks, self-checkouts, and Jesta's white-labeled consumer app - satisfying their need for a digital experience and highlighting the retailer's innovation. Jesta's customers include Cole Haan, DSW, Genesco, Perry Ellis, and Puma.

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