Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Crossing Minds is an artificial intelligence company that is creating the world’s leading algorithms to help better understand and predict consumer’s behavior. Founded in 2016,  by AI researchers Alexandre Robicquet, Emile Contal and Google X founder Sebastian Thrun, the company’s algorithms have been employed across numerous applications, ranging from their flagship B2C product, Hai to the B2B solutions used by some of the biggest Entertainment and Consumer Goods Corporations.

Crossing Minds’ mission is to bring the best of academia to the people while also protecting user data.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Who you are

  • You want to join a small team of hard-workers, to build an excellent product that’ll help everyone you know.
  • You have strong knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals: databases, data structures, algorithms, networking.
  • You have experience in working with machine learning models on real datasets.
  • You have a specific interest in deep learning, numerical linear algebra, and recommendation engines.

What you’ll do

  • Improve and maintain Crossing Minds’ Recommender System API
  • Design and implement features of our data pipeline
  • Discuss and solve performance and scaling issues with our backend and infrastructure team.
  • Hands-on NumPy development for efficient computations with a large amount of data in production.

Skillset Requirement

  • 5 years of Python + Numpy
  • 2 years within web backend production system.

Concept to be Familiar with

  • concurrency
  • robustness
  • unit-testing
  • integration-testing
  • CI/CD
  • Databases architecture (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Micro-services (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • ETL pipelines (e.g. Airflow)
  • Machine learning framework (e.g. PyTorch/TensorFlow/sklearn)

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22 Rausch Street, Unit B
San Francisco, CA 94103