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API Clients and Integrations

Cross and Up-Sales

Every time a consumer considers a specific product or item, recommending similar items is a brilliant opportunity to keep them engaged or cross-sell additional products.

  • Show users the most relevant "Similar Items" on each page

  • Increase the average cart value by showing  the most relevant content or related products to add to a cart before checking out

  • Improve the browsing experience, to make it easy to discover and navigate similar products

ecommerce recommendations
email powering iconEmail platform integration

Recommendations are deployed on YOUR platforms

Your emails need to indicate an understanding of what users have done in the past and what they are likely to be interested in in the future.

Our Recommendation Engines integrate with the data you provide via your CRM or data management platform.

We cancreate highly personalized email recommendations based on subscribers’ tastes, buying habits, and behaviors.This increases CTR and overall Purchase intents and conversion of each consumer receiving an email filled with a personalized selection of products.

Personalize Every Page on your website

One of the most frequent and impactful use-cases of our recommendation API for an Entertainment or eCommerce platform is the filter based recommendation, as an evolution of their standard search engines.

Compared to traditional content search, customers are not looking to retrieve a precise content; instead, they want to discover available content within a particular category.

  • Provide Recommendation no matter the filter applied (genre, price, location etc..)

  • Improve the browsing experience, to make it easy to discover and navigate every section of your website

ecommerce dynamic filter recommendations

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