In the last years a lot of improvements were done in the field of Machine Learning and the Tools that support the community of developers. But still, implementing a recommender system is very hard. That is why at Crossing Minds, we decided to create a series of 4 meetups to discuss how to implement a recommender system end-to-end:

Part 1 – The Right Dataset
Part 2 – Model Training
Part 3 – Model Evaluation
Part 4 – Real-Time Deployment

This fourth meetup will present good practices and tips about deploying a recommender system in production. We will cover a wide range of the day-to-day of machine learning engineers and devops: from test-driven development to continuous integration and cloud architecture design. We will see how machine learning and recommender system in particular differ from traditional software development, and how this impacts deployment pipelines, and what tools you can use to solve this problem.