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Our Modest Research on this Matter

As a team of researchers awith backgrounds at top institutions, we have developed a set of content recommendation engine that performs 20% better than the existing state of the art and is the first application of group recommendation technology (recommending bundles of content to multiple people simultaneously) in a live consumer product. As consumers engage with a personalized, prescriptive content browsing experience on their iOS app, Hai, Crossing Minds leverages their behavioral data and expressed preferences to power the industry's most advanced content recommendation API for B2B interests.

Why starting with recommendation engines?

Looking to the future, we recognized that mastering the construction of this “digital DNA” was the key building block in our foundation. In understanding the individual, we are able to offer an entirely comprehensive and detailed (beyond what anyone has done before) understanding of the masses.  
Starting by building recommendation engines capable to scale from one entertainment domain to the other was an obvious first step in order to properly start this process.

If you think good data is expensive, you should look at the cost of poor data.

Building the most advance AI softwares while protecting people's privacy.

Bringing the very best of academia algorithms to businesses in a concrete manner.

Crossing Minds is an artificial intelligence company that is creating the world’s leading algorithms to help better understand and predict consumer’s behavior. Founded in 2016,  by AI researchers Alexandre Robicquet, Emile Contal and Google X founder Sebastian Thrun, the company’s algorithms have been employed across numerous applications, ranging from their flagship B2C product, Hai to the B2B solutions used by some of the biggest Entertainment and Consumer Goods Corporations. 

Crossing Minds’ mission is to bring the best of academia to the people while also protecting user data. The company is backed by leading investors, including Index Ventures, Sound Ventures, CASSIUS Family, You & Mr. Jones Brandtech Ventures. Crossing Minds recently won the People’s Prize at the French Founders 2019 Startup Tour and was selected to participate in TechCrunch’s 2018 Battlefield in San Francisco.