Crossing Minds Named a Finalist for 2022 Best SaaS Product for E-commerce

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

We’re excited to announce Crossing Minds has been named a finalist in the SaaS Awards “Best SaaS Product for E-Commerce” category.

The SaaS Awards strive to represent software from around the world across a number of categories and celebrate international excellence and innovation for all businesses in the space.

This year, the awards program received entries from software services from across the globe, and we’re honored to be selected among such a diverse pool, securing our consideration in the next and final round.

Crossing Minds is driven by innovation; we are dedicated to redefining personalization and transforming how customers engage with businesses through their online shopping experiences. For far too long, businesses have approached personalization through a data-first lens, removing privacy privileges from their customers and using their personal data to deliver inaccurate recommendations – damaging the business’ legitimacy and their relationships with customers.

Because of this, we’ve built a solution we call behavior-based recommendations that prioritize customers and protect their privacy – which we had the opportunity to highlight in this award. From day one, we have been working on this approach to flip the script that personalized shopping experiences are better done through customers’ personal data. Today, we’re honored to be recognized for our technology that refutes this idea, and our mission that is moving the SaaS industry forward.

To curate this list, a panel of technical, business, academic and marketing experts assisted in the judging process by reading through extensive information on our company’s work, growth and success, which ultimately led them to select Crossing Minds as one of the finalists in the Best SaaS Product for E-Commerce category.

Thank you to the panel and the Saas Awards for this recognition – we’re excited to continue transforming the e-commerce experience.

Alexandre earned his first two Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Machine Learning at the age of 23 from ENS Paris Saclay. Alexandre had his work published at the age of 21 and held two 4-year positions as a researcher under Pr. Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X) and Pr. Silvio Savarese. He received a third Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and started on a path for a Ph.D but chose instead to work on building Crossing Minds full-time.

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