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Unlock better results with a premium recommendation engine tailored for your unique customers, products, and content.
✓ First party data
✓ Tailored for your store
✓ New & anonymous visitors
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Behavior-based recommendations: True 1:1 personalization

Deliver the fully personalized experience your customers want. We help you transform your customers’ on-site behavior into a rich profile about their interests, all with the highest standards for customer privacy.
Man liking an item via web, saving another item for later, and 
eventually making a purchase thanks to behavior-based
Woman and man are engaging with Crossing Minds recommendation dashboard which provides "Creating A/B Test", "Adding business rule" and " Customizing AI model".

Fully custom-tailored for the nuances of your store

We believe that the only way to unlock the best results is by customizing for your unique customers, SKUs, and shopping behaviors. Our AI is custom-tailored for the nuances of your specific store, giving you the customization tools and white-glove service you need to fuel your next phase of growth.

Help new users discover something they’ll love

New, anonymous, and unknown users are a major percentage of your traffic. Within just a couple clicks, you can automatically recommend highly relevant products to every visitor on your site, even if they aren’t in your database.
Woman shopping via mobile and man shopping via web 
as new users, receiving recommendations based on cart adds
Women looking at various integrations that Crossing Minds recommendation platform provides.

Seamless integration with your stack

Our easy-to-integrate platform makes advanced AI accessible for any business. It’s designed to work with your existing tech stack so you can start harnessing the power of behavior-based recommendations right away.
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